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Intuitive Coaching & Mentorship

Like Life coaching, Intuitive Coaching helps the client see a different perspective on what it is they would like assistance with. It engages the client in identifying the personal or professional hang ups and what he or she can do to overcome or move through those obstacles.

As an Intuitive Coach my main focus is on helping wellness and wholistic practitioners to up level their lives through the use of Human Design, energy work, and accountability.

Together we will discover your greatest goals and dreams, and what the next steps are to accomplish them.

Do I only work with wellness and wholistic practitioners?


If you are here reading this and you are ready to:​

  • quit doubting your intuition & awesomeness

  • move forward in your personal/professional success

  • contribute your personal gifts & medicine to your family, community & the world

  • up level your business

  • show up in your practice in an aligned way

  • be rocked to your soul & clear space for greater miracles

  • receive support in reaching your highest goals

I am here for you too!


We aren't meant to go through life trying to figure things out on our own.

Clients are guided, supported, held accountable, and above all celebrated for his/her personal growth.

Coaching Programs

​​​What’s possible for you to create:

  • A life you Love

  • Clarity on goals & the tools to make them a reality

  • Launch or Up Level your soul aligned business

  • An Appetite & forward movement for personal/professional success

  • Ability to make decisions that feel aligned

  • Creative Inspiration

  • Manifest & connect with clients that value your gifts

  • A deeper understanding of body work

  • Creating your reality of soul aligned passions


What it may look like:

  • Weekly check-in sessions (Zoom)

    • 1hr each. Sessions are recorded.​

  • Unlimited Voxer support between calls

  • Human Design readings for you & your business

  • A look at your business financials 

  • Journaling prompts & Inner work Exercises​

  • Intuitive Card Pulls

  • Discover & clear what is holding you back from being the best version of yourself through energy work

  • ​Upgrades from limiting beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

  • Mentorship in body work, energy healing & spiritual guidance

Paid in Full Investments:

  • 90 min - MEntor: $150

  • 3 month - Perspective: $3,333

  • 6 month - BEcoming: $5,555

  • 12 month - Empowered: $11,111


Payment Plans Available

Contact me to get started!

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