Energy Work


Choose a specific modality, or a combination of several, to help release resentments, change beliefs that no longer serve you for the Highest Good, balance the body and chakras, energize the Spirit, receive an intuitive reading, or receive assistance in moving forward with your life/purpose/goals - with ease and unconditional love.


During your session, we will meet to discuss your needs or concerns for healing. A personalized session will be designed for you. If you would like an Energy Work session, combining several modalities for your Highest and Best, please contact us to set an appointment either in person, over the phone, via Zoom or Skype. Multiple sessions are available and recommended in sessions of three (3) for longer-lasting results.



Spiritual Guidance

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE As an ordained minister I am available to listen, guide or help you celebrate a special occasion. Session or Event: By Donation Only

Home or Space Clearing

HOME OR SPACE CLEARING Cleansing your home, office space, grave or having removing unwanted energetic visitors can help ease the transition to moving into some place new or refreshing your own space from any energetic stagnation. Within 5 miles of the office: $25 Outside 5 miles of the office up to 15 miles: $75 Outside 15 miles of the office: $75 plus $0.03/mile


HO'OPONOPONO Experience a deeper understanding of resolving an issue or a wrong through Ho'oponopono. Session: 60 min - $60 90 min - $90

Sound Healing

SOUND HEALING Sound instruments used to drop the body and soul into a deep healing and receiving state of theta. Session: 30 min - $30 60 min - $60 Group prices for 5 or more: 30 min - $15 60 min - $30

Chakra Balancing & Crystal Gridding

CHAKRA BALANCING & CRYSTAL GRIDDING Through chakra balancing and/or crystal gridding we remove any energetic stagnation and bring your energy back to homeostasis. Session: 30 min - $30 60 min - $60


REIKI Reiki, or Universal Life Force, can be felt in a variety of ways. From a cold energy flow, to intense tingling, warmth, shuttering and even laughter. Without forcing Reiki into the energetic or physical body, this gentle modality will flow the energy to where the healing needs to happen. Sessions: 30 min - $30 60 min - $60 Group prices for 5 or more: 30 min - $15/person 60 min - $30/person Reiki Drumming: $45 CLICK PICTURE TO GET LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION


ThetaHealing® Play within the energy of unconditional Love as we work on removing limiting beliefs and bringing you back to YOU. Session: 60 min - $100 90 min - $125 120 min - $150 Belief Reinforcements: 30 min - $75 CLICK PICTURE TO GET LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Meditation & Manifesting

MEDITATION & MANIFESTING Open your mind and your world through gentle guided meditation, self reflection work, manifesting, & Intuitive guidance: Session: 30 min - $30 60 min - $60 Group prices for 5 or more: 30 min - $15/person 60 min - $30/person