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hoʻomālie: to calm, quiet, hush, soothe, lull, ease pain


Welcome to Hoʻomālie,

where the healing of the "whole" YOU matters.

Buddha Statue
Energy Healing


Choose a specific modality, or a combination of several, to help release resentments, change beliefs that no longer serve you for the Highest Good, balance the body and chakras, energize the Spirit, receive an intuitive reading or assistance in moving forward with your life, purpose, or goals - with ease and unconditional love.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has been proven to help increase overall health, release tension, improve digestion, expedite several post-surgery rehabilitation, can assist with emotional releasing, and even decrease anxiety. Come and treat yourself or loved one to a relaxing, reviving, rejuvenating, and therapeutic massage customized to each client.


Mentoring & Classes
Opportunities for mentoring or taking classes in energy healing, Reiki, Hawaiian culture, and hula will be available soon. For more information on any of these upcoming opportunities, please contact me directly on the form below.

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