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Sunrise over Mountains

1:1 Empowerment Program
What’s possible for you to create:

  • A life you Love

  • Clarity on goals & the tools to make them a reality

  • An Appetite & forward movement for personal/professional success

  • Ability to make decisions that feel aligned

  • Creative Inspiration

What it looks like:

  • 3 month program

  • Weekly sessions (Zoom)

    • 1hr each. Sessions are recorded.

  • Voxer – support between calls

  • A look at your Human Design & what makes you YOU

  • Journaling prompts & Inner work Exercises

  • Discover & clear what is holding you back from being the best version of yourself

  • Upgrades from limiting beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

You’ll receive:

  • Unlimited support via Voxer

  • Aura & Space Clearing Spray

  • Personally Charged & Activated Crystal

Investment in who you are BEcoming

  • PIF: $3,333

  • Payment Plan Available

Contact me to get started! 

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